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5 Tips to Boost Your Holiday Email Marketing Campaign

5 Tips to Boost Your Holiday Email Marketing Campaign

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    The festive season is upon us. With it comes the opportunity for you to close out the year with one last push for sales. This comes as no surprise considering that the holiday shopping season can account for 20 to 30% of a company’s annual sales.

    With so much riding on your holiday push, getting it right is of great importance. Therefore, you need to select a marketing tool that can deliver a strong return on investment. Here is where email marketing comes to the rescue.

    With a proven track record in capturing the attention of shoppers, a well-coordinated email marketing campaign might just be exactly what your business needs over the course of the holiday shopping period. Let’s explore what should be a part of your holiday email marketing strategy.

    1. Choose the Right Time to Start Off Your Holiday Email Marketing

    Timing is everything when it comes to the success of an email marketing campaign in general. However, the importance of timing is even more evident when it comes to the holidays. There are several factors you need to consider to make sure you maximise the potential of your holiday email marketing campaign. For example, you need to:

    • Determine your buying cycle
      • Getting this right will ensure that your campaign will be perfectly placed to target Christmas shoppers. You will need to work backwards from the holiday using your average time to purchase in order to figure out when to start sending your emails. We recommend giving yourself another week on top of that to account for any mishaps down the road.
    • Make sure you still follow the purchase funnel
      • Don’t assume that just because it is the holidays, customers will just buy anything that captures their attention. They will still go through your purchase funnel.
      • It is important to understand where in their buying cycle your customers are and devise your email marketing strategy from there — you can start off your campaign with product awareness in mind, then move on to showcase your products’ features and benefits, and then tie everything up with a promotion to secure the sale.
    • Follow up after the festive season is over
      • Even though the holidays have gone by, it is the perfect time for you to aim for repeat business. You can send out emails to customers that have gift cards to spend, make a round-up of your best selling items over the Christmas period, offer support on how to return or exchange products, or simply build on that positive shopping experience with a simple thank you for your business email.

    2. Use Segmentation for a Targeted Holiday Email Marketing Campaign

    Focused targeting is the name of the game when it comes to a successful holiday email campaign. Sending out generic emails will not have the results you expect. Therefore, it is important to segment your customers and tailor emails specifically to their needs and buying patterns.

    You can segment your customers by looking at:

    • Their previous interactions with your website to see what purchases they’ve made or what sections of your website they’ve browsed the most.
    • The timeframe of their purchases — are they year-round or seasonal shoppers? Customers that are interested in your products only around the holidays have a different mindset compared to your loyal clients. You need to look at their specific needs and motivations in order to plan your follow up campaign accordingly.
    • What triggered their purchase in the past. We are talking here about customers that have only bought your products when they were on offer. Identifying these customers is a must to ensure that you do not offer discounts to customers that would have been more than happy to pay the full price. At the same time, you can also come up with offers that will guarantee the engagement of your more price-sensitive customers.

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    3. Show Appreciation to Your Loyal Customers

    Besides targeting new customers to maximize your revenue during the holiday shopping spree, you must not forget about the customers that have been with you through thick and thin for the rest of the year.

    Showing appreciation will go a long way with your loyal clients. A simple discount on their next purchase will make them feel valued. Moreover, timing this discount offer around the holidays will pretty much confirm your next round of sales in the first few months of the new year.

    4. Make Sure to Target Last-Minute Shoppers

    Remember that not all of your customers are organised. Some might leave it until the last minute to do their Christmas shopping. Drafting a campaign to send out targeted emails to this buyer persona will ensure that you will still make an impact on your holiday sales. All this while other businesses might stop trying.

    In order to make this last-minute push a success, you will need to consider the following:

    • Emphasize the urgency
    • Keep in mind that last-minute shoppers will likely be stressed and panicked. This is your cue to keep your message clear and simple
    • Offer free shipping for peace of mind
    • Go back to that abandoned cart a customer might have left behind during their previous browsing session. It is the closest you can get to a guaranteed last-minute sale

    5. Use Themed Subject Lines in Your Holiday Email Marketing

    This is your chance to be as creative or quirky as you want. Subject lines need to be catchy and trigger the interest of your audience. With the holiday atmosphere all around us, this particular time of the year gives you the chance to add another dimension to your business. With holiday-themed subject lines, you can put across to your customers the personality of your company. You can see some great examples below:

    • Dell: “It’s Cyber Monday All Week!”
    • Fortnum & Mason: “Making Christmas merrier since 1707”
    • Just Give: “Gifts that do good…and feel good” Story
    • Bistro: “Thanks, Giving, and a Little Bit of Getting”
    • theSkimm: “Winter is (officially) coming”

    Moreover, don’t be afraid to use a seasonal emoji at the end of your subject line. Data shows that 56% of brands that make use of emojis in their subject line have a higher opening rate.

    Ready to Get Started on Your Holiday Email Marketing Campaign?

    As we mentioned at the beginning, taking advantage of the festive season is your last chance to increase your revenue for the year. Going for the tried and tested strategy of email marketing should provide you with the platform to do just that. If you follow the tips we’ve discussed, then your holiday email marketing campaign is in safe hands. However, if you still feel like you would benefit from expert advice and support, why not get in contact with us today? Our proven experience in email marketing will be put to good use to help your business flourish over the Christmas period.

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