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Search Engine Marketing also referred to as Search Marketing or SEM, is quickly emerging as the most powerful Internet marketing channel. While traditional forms of marketing spend are declining, SEM spend is on the increase. As a digital marketing company we deliver targeted traffic to your website through digital channels. It is actually a blend of two core concepts: relevancy and popularity. Both these areas are present in evaluating Natural Search (Organic Search) and Paid Search (Pay Per Click). Search engine marketing companies offer costs effective customer acquisition and optimal return on investment through:

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Organic Search & Virtual PR

Search engine optimization (SEO) pertains to building and organizing a website in a manner that will make it rank higher on search engine result pages for targeted keywords. EVER’s search engine marketing company consists of specialists in both (SEO) search engine optimization and virtual PR (link building). For years we have provided successful organic traffic generation to clients representing many products and industries. Our internationally experienced consultants can guarantee your website more targeted traffic and bottom line growth.


Paid Search

Pay-Per-Click, commonly referred to as PPC, is a mechanism by which companies can "buy" top positions in search engines and third party websites. Paid search is a quick and effective method of search engine marketing that increases your websites visibility almost instantly. In essence, you are reducing your competition pool considerably while paying a variable fee for each visitor to your website. A search marketing company provides experts schooled in the art of structuring and managing online advertising campaigns. EVER has worked with a host of online advertising technologies including Google Adwords, Double Click and custom banner campaigns to name a few. You will get a ROI on your marketing budget every time because we know how.


Search Engine Marketing

Organic vs. Paid: Both search engine marketing techniques require a lot of time, effort and expertise. Done well, search engine marketing could prove exponentially beneficial. There are many search marketing companies out there but the trick is getting the right company to guide you through this complex but rewarding world of search marketing. Some (SEM) search engine marketing companies focus on one or the other aspect, EVER on the other hand boasts established departments with experts in both organic and paid search processes. EVER search marketing company can significantly increase your website traffic and conversion ratio to maximise your online budget, presence and profit. Our proven campaign management is based on solid understanding of general marketing principals, search engines, ongoing development and the latest search engine marketing techniques. We will develop, prioritise and implement a custom campaign based on your business, product / service and your short / medium / long-term goals.