The Banking Association South Africa​


The Banking Association wanted to create a cleaner voice for the banking industry and provide more support its member banks.


Despite The Banking Association representing the interests for the banks and the banking sector, the Banks prefer to take the lead on most issue in the public domain.

We created a campaign based on The Banking Associations spheres of influence and search queries to educate and inform South African’s of their rights and responsibilities as bank customers.


In 2011, When we launched the educational campaign, the website got 2000 users a month.

In 2014, we worked closely with their web dev team to redesign the website and started listening on social media.

Today the website gets between 12000 and 15000 users a month.

The Facebook Page has over 40000 Likes with a weekly reach of 15000 people.

3 months ago we started managing The Banking Association’s Twitter Page

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