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"Sometimes talking to someone can be a bit intimidating. Talking to a chatbot makes that a lot easier!"

Thousands of businesses around the world are investing in chatbot development that intends to help them improve customer experience and reduce customer service costs. In fact, the global chatbot market is expected to reach $9.4 billion by 2024.

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Types of Chatbots

You may think that all chatbots are created equal, but you’re unfortunately wrong. Today, chatbots come in all shapes and sizes and have different capabilities.

Support Chatbots

These bots are designed to solve a specific problem. They require context awareness and multi-turn capability to walk a user through a business process and answer a variety of questions.

Assistant Chatbots

Assistant bots can hold a conversation with users and answer a variety of questions. They are often programmed with natural-language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) that allow them to respond to all sorts of commands and requests.

Skills chatbots

This type of chatbot doesn’t require much contextual awareness. It is programmed to follow a command to act. Skills chatbots typically require powerful NLP features and must be able to function quickly.

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Transactional Bots

Transactional chatbots are often used on behalf of humans. They are designed to interact with external systems to perform a particular action. These bots’ goal is to automate transactions and provide a convenient channel for one specific purpose to simplify the user experience.

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Informational & Information Gathering Bots

These bots help to collect or distribute information. They can act as a research assistant by extracting as much information as possible from different resources. They are typically used in the digital marketing, education, and corporate training sectors for research-based tasks.

Chatbot Technology - How Do They Work?

One of the most interesting parts of chatbot software is the variety of ways a chatbot can be built. The technology behind it can vary in many ways and comes down to what your goals are. Here are two types of chatbots most consumers see today:

Rule-based chatbots

Rule-based chatbots follow pre-designed rules. They are usually built using a graphical user interface (UI) where a chatbot builder designs paths that work like a flowchart to map out conversations.

AI Chatbots

AI chatbot development delivers bots that automatically learn after an original training period by a chatbot developer. These chatbots generate answers to more complicated questions using natural-language responses.

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Benefits of using chatbot development

24/7 Support

Anytime response is important, even after business hours. Chatbots can be developed to handle such customer queries, 24/7.

Automated Actions Performed

Chatbots can automate orders of products, services, and appointments so that customers can instantly get confirmation.

Personalised Conversations

Chatbots are programmed for personalised interaction with customers, which can eventually increase customer loyalty.

Enhanced Productivity

Bots deliver primary support that filters customer requests before it is moved to the employees. As a result, it improves team productivity.

Generates Leads

By gathering significant customer feedback, chatbots can be used to generate high-quality leads, which can increase sales.

Higher Customer Satisfaction

With the help of chatbots, you can start proactive chats that boost customer satisfaction and retention.

Chatbot Development Industry Solutions

The main predicted use case for chatbots is getting a quick answer, while the second use case is resolving a complaint. Chatbots can be custom developed for a variety of industries to perform unique functions.








Chatbot Development Applications

82% of consumers claim that instant responses to questions are important when contacting brands. Chatbots can be custom designed to function on different platforms, which can improve customer engagement and, ultimately, customer satisfaction. Some of the most popular chatbot development platforms include:


Chatbots designed for websites help to guide users through the buying processes. They can also be used to answer questions and provide information instantly.


Interactive bots are built on Facebook frameworks to help your services and brands reach potential customers through Facebook.


Chatbots for WhatsApp enables automated conversation in this highly accessible platform. It is great for helping clients reach you directly and exploring the products and services you provide.


Chatbots for Telegram enable the app to do automated conversation with customers. Telegram has its own bot API which helps you interact with customers instantly.


Slack Bots can greatly enhance the productivity of your team. It can also be used to check emails, store information, and much more.

Our Process

We specialise in chatbot development services that solve real business problems. Our process is simple but highly effective, ensuring you get a product that sets your business apart.

Frequently Asked Questions

At the beginning of their deployment, chatbots aren’t smart. They are made intelligent by using technologies such as machine learning or natural language processing (NLP). These technologies help chatbots to understand and interpret context and intent and enhance their knowledge base.

Chatbots are built to understand the intent of users. The chatbot must understand what users want and automatically provide relevant responses. Some examples include:

  • Performing customer service, including collecting registration data, providing information, and answering frequently asked questions.
  • Simplifying online shopping and payment processes.
  • Sending out information and news.
  • Making and managing reservations and appointments.
  • Gathering information for lead generation.

There is a misconception about chatbots that they must cost a fortune. But thanks to the development of various tools and frameworks, chatbot technology is becoming much more affordable for businesses.

Some of the costs involved in chatbot development include: 

  • Bot functionality: How many different goals will the bot assist with, and how many entry points to the chatbot do you require?
  • Bot complexity: How many FAQs do you need to program the bot to respond to? 
  • Template or custom bot: A chatbot can be built from scratch or copied from another chatbot or a template. 
  • Bot management fees: Will a team member or an agency manage the bot?
  • Chatbot marketing: Will any marketing be used to produce new chatbot leads? This will require a budget.

This will always depend on the use case. However, it is important to know that a good chatbot can solve a pre-existing problem either your business or your customers face, can produce conversations that flow and sound humanlike, and has a user-friendly design.

Chatbot marketing is a strategy that uses a chatbot to market your business. This strategy ensures that your customer service requests aren't going unanswered and helps with lead generation and sales.

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