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The basic premise behind SEO copywriting is to incorporate specific targeted keywords or phrases into website copy. When people submit a search term to find information, it is only natural that that search term (or a similar one) be present in the web page copy. Traditionally, SEO copywriting was about writing web page content that targets keyword phrases in certain frequencies and densities. However, great SEO copywriting is so much more than just text, text, and text to fill up pages with keywords, keywords, and more keywords. Modern copywriting is all about constructing compelling content designed to engage readers, promote your company, and convert visitors into customers.

The Art of SEO Copywriting

As search engine algorithms evolve, so has copywriting. Today SEO copywriting includes various on-page elements such as viewable text, title, meta tags, headings and alternative text for images to name a few.
SEO copywriting used to achieve high ranking is just a means to an end. When people sense professionalism, authority and credibility, they feel compelled to act. Professionally written content that pays attention to grammar and spelling can improve your business image. Its important to write content that users will find useful and not to sacrifice readability for SEO. It is a delicate balance, which is achieved by an experienced SEO copywriter. The optimal balance will contribute to high page rankings as well as appealing to readers (enticing them the click further or perform an action).

Speak With the Right Voice

A dedicated EVER copywriter will project the professional image of your company with proficiency and clarity. SEO copywriting with density and appropriate distribution of relevant keywords gives our Internet marketing clients the edge over their competitors while improving search engine rankings. Good copywriting can help achieve rankings across the search engines, although no page can do equally well in all engines due to the different algorithms (criteria). However, Google is by far the biggest and most stringent search engine and so it makes sense that our copywriting should focus on Google’s criteria. Our long-term strategy is to keep the reader happy delivering informative, quality content that is keyword rich and geared toward search engines.

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Keyword-Centric SEO Copywriting

(SEO) search engine optimization is a process that helps websites achieve top rankings in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing and various others. SEO copywriting services play a vital role in this regard. Skilled SEO copywriters need to create informative, easy-to-read content infused with relevant targeted keywords. EVER copywriters will integrate keywords into website content so they blend seamlessly and sounds natural.

Marketing Driven SEO Copywriting

Marketing driven copywriting will build your brand and increase conversions using creative copy to engage and guide visitors to your goal (enquiry form, telephone call or purchase). Our SEO copywriters will build content around defined concepts or create concepts to support to your business objectives and brand.

Our SEO Copywriting Services

SEO Copywriters will create interesting, industry-specific content that is easy-to-read and search engine friendly.

Our SEO copywriters develop the content you need to achieve your online marketing goals and get the natural (non-paid) search engine results you desire. Let us fulfil your copywriting needs with our creative and informative website content.

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