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Time is your most precious resource. With customised email marketing services, you can reach your clients faster and more effectively, so you have more time to focus on perfecting other parts of your business.

  • Tailor your campaigns in a few clicks
  • Save time and money with easy marketing 
  • Reach a wider audience
  • Get more leads and sales

Why Your Business Needs Email Marketing

Many marketing trends come and go, while others remain constant. Email marketing has stood the test of time, and even though it has evolved through the years, it is still one of the most effective ways for both B2B and B2C businesses to communicate to existing and potential clients and to promote products and services. 

Specifically, opt-in email marketing is a powerful, cost-effective strategy to communicate with your audience. Opt-in email marketing involves attracting your website and social media visitors to sign up for your emails using a lead magnet. The benefit of this is that people who are in your email database want to hear from your business. Permission-based marketing increases the success of your marketing efforts. 

The Benefits Of Email Marketing

Email marketing offers plenty of advantages. For our clients, these are the most beneficial:  

  • Saving valuable time on tailoring marketing campaigns
  • Investing in stronger relationships with existing clients 
  • Amplifying other channels, including social platforms
  • Reaching leads and revenue targets faster 

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What Do You Get When Signing Up For Email Marketing

Don’t waste your valuable time on creating email campaigns from scratch. We offer a comprehensive solution that makes it easy for you to send out tailored and targeted emails in just a few clicks.  Our email marketing campaign steps include the following: 

Email Strategy

Newsletters are excellent tools to distribute relevant and fresh content to the right audience – straight to their inbox!

We confirm your email marketing objectives and brainstorm email marketing ideas with your team. 

Email Campaigns

Why send a welcome message when we can build you an on-boarding series or even a lifecycle journey? Whether campaigns are commercial or transactional, we know how to integrate into other platforms too.

Email Creative

Creating HTML eMails that render well on desktops, tablets and mobile is more than an art; it’s also a science. Our designers do both!

We provide you with professionally-designed email marketing templates and write professional copy.


We help you integrate your email marketing efforts across mobile, social and web media. Let us help you turn your tweets and posts into engaging communication that grows subscribers.

Email Data

We assist in advanced analytics tracking.  From small lists to large databases, our experts constantly analyse your data to help you make the most of your email campaigns.

Email Reporting

Click and open rate reports are old school. See real-time performance of your campaigns with our interactive reporting dashboard. We tailor beautiful and meaningful reports so you can see new insights.

Email Marketing is not about expensive and elaborate campaigns. It’s about creating content that appeals to and attracts your target customers, then distributing it—nothing more, nothing less. 

Why Do You Need Professional Copy?

Professional copy is one of the most critical parts of an email marketing campaign. You always want to position your business as an expert in the field and offer accurate and useful information. Therefore, we:

  • Work with you to understand precisely what you do.
  • Write valuable email marketing text aimed at your target audience.
  • Include smart call-to-actions to increase engagement and conversions.

How Do We Test Campaigns?

Like with any form of marketing, it is essential to test certain elements. Testing ensures you to establish the most effective campaign by discarding what doesn’t work. We offer split-testing solutions to check the following elements: 

  • Email marketing templates
  • Email marketing images
  • Email marketing subject lines
  • Email marketing text
  • Send times

What Does Tracking Include?

Our team tracks a variety of data from your email campaigns. We use this to tweak existing campaigns, improve future campaigns and to make valuable changes to product offerings and customer service. This will assist you in finding the best email marketing design for your business.

We track: 

  • Send and delivery rates
  • Open and click-through rates
  • Leads, web visits, sales and revenue 

Which Types Of Email Strategies Are Included?

Our experience in online marketing has taught us that the more businesses experiment with different strategies, the more successful their campaigns in the long run. Therefore, we work with you to find the most effective email marketing strategy. We specialise in assisting with the following: 


  • Promotional emails 
  • Customer journey emails 
  • Product launch emails
  • Win-back emails 
  • After-sales emails 

and more.

Let’s increase your leads, sales and revenue effortlessly with the best email marketing solutions.

Why Choose Us For Your Email Marketing?

Benefit from our experience and skill 

Our team has years of experience in the field of online marketing and combined with our specialist skills, we ensure your email marketing campaigns are successful. 

Cost-effective solutions 

Our solutions fit into any budget, big or small, and we go out of our way to accommodate your pocket. 

Work with a passionate team 

Our team has a passion for seeing businesses grow through effective online marketing, and it is evident in every part of the working process. 

Get detailed reports 

We don’t just disappear once a campaign after the last email. We go out of our way to ensure that you get detailed reports to evaluate your efforts. 

We help you to create email marketing campaigns that will put your business one step ahead. 

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