Mobile App Development

As mobile usage has increased the demand for app development by businesses has skyrocketed.

According to a forbes article, Arthur Goldstuck of World Wide Worx says “There are about 29-million smartphones in use in South Africa but only 21-million internet users”.

We can Build Your Mobile Application

Mobile search is rapidly becoming the predominant way South African internet users find and consume information. This means your mobile app or mobile website is likely to generate more traffic and sales than your desktop website. As we move into a mobile dominated digital landscape, how you present your business and how you leverage the inherent advantages of the mobile device require careful consideration.

SEO Strategy

Mobile App Strategy

As a leading mobile application development company, we strategies your plan and apply necessary methodology to create a perfect app for your business.

Web Design 1

Mobile App Design

Designing beautiful mobile apps is the start to an enhanced and engaged user experience. ​

Mobile SEO

Mobile App Development

Designing beautiful mobile apps is the start to an enhanced and engaged user experience. ​


Mobile App Testing

You need to rigorously test your mobile app in a variety of real-world scenarios to sniff out and correct any technical flaws.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile App Marketing

Mobile app marketing complements a brand's offline experience, drive e-commerce, or simply help connect a brand with its loyal customers.

It’s unsurprising that businesses are trying to build mobile apps to capitalise on this market. Ever’s comprehensive mobile team of experienced mobile app developers means we can offer a professional mobile application development service to our clients. We develop mobile applications on a range of platform and technologies for iPhone, iPad and Android.

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