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PPC is a popular and effective form of Internet advertising. PPC or Pay Per Click advertising allows you to market your business to the very people searching for your product or service. It consists of keyword research and selection, ad writing, identifying target demographics, configuring ad groups settings, using SEO copywriting to create landing page content, perfecting call-to-action, and most importantly conversion measurement. Pay Per Click advertising is not a replacement for SEO or nor other marketing and advertising mediums. PPC is a supplement to other channels despite the convenience of knowing your exact return on investment (ROI). On the flip side, PPC does not retain value. That is to say, when you stop spending budget on your campaign, you stop getting leads. No value added visibility is gained from the exercise.

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All major search engines and most social media platforms have PPC programs. Bing Adcenter and Google Ads (Formally Google Adwords) are examples of Pay Per Click ad platforms offered by search engines. PPC ads appear at the top and right of your search results page as labelled “Sponsored Links”. We believe the South African market is ripe for Google Adwords as the primary driver of paid Internet traffic. Google refers more than 85% of our clients search traffic. Pay Per Click advertising combined with SEO is essential parts of an integrated Internet marketing strategy. Pay Per Click advertising is different from traditional off-line marketing mediums because it can be 100% measurable. You know how much bang you get for your buck!

What is Pay Per Click?​

Pay Per Click advertising is exactly that, a system where advertisers are required to bid for advertising spots and keywords, the advertiser then pays for every referral or click on the advertisement. Pay Per Click Advertising is displayed using a selection of keywords that are priced individually through a popularity or (auction) system. The primary advantage of PPC is it provides instant traffic. There are several ways to create PPC advertisements including banner ads, text ads, mobile ads and Youtube and Video Marketing. The primary distribution channels are search engines and content networks. Content networks are a group of websites who have agreed to display advertising collectively.

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The goal of PPC campaigns​

EVER creates a targeted PPC Adwords campaigns with several individual advertisements containing titles and descriptions for specific keywords or key phrases. We then begin to meticulously optimize your campaign to increase the Click Through Rate [CTR]. CTR is the percentage of people who click your advertisement versus the number of times your advertisement was displayed. A PPC campaign needs daily attention to monitor performance and adjust to statistical results. The bigger picture is in Conversion Rate management [CRM]. CRM is based on consumer behaviour. By understanding statistical data and testing, it is possible to guide users to your goal. i.e. contact page, purchase page, online forms. Skills in CRM are closely tied to ROI.

PPC Measurement & Management​

“You cannot manage anything you cannot measure. If you do not know what to measure, you do not understand what it is you are trying to achieve.” A good PPC platform enables us to see which ads do best, compare the performance of each advert, test new ads, tweak and optimise your ads and grow your business based on data. Pay Per Click advertising offers high level of control over the volume of leads generated. EVER covers the complete search marketing value chain. We can optimise your web design and website architecture, carry out (SEO) search engine optimisation overhauls, create a targeted Pay Per Click advertising campaign then bundle and optimise all areas for conversions.

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