SADC Banking Association
Case Study


SADC Banking Association have multiple purpose-built platform that users from around the globe access. These platforms cater for different audiences and provide a variety of functionality for different aspects of the organisation operation.

Over time these fragmented workspaces have grown and become difficult to manage, which have led to outdated information and stability issues.


Before we could develop a solution, we needed to understand the purpose and functionality of each platform. Once we had a good understanding of how each platform fitted together to form the SADC Banking Association ecosystem.

To achieve the objective, we need to deliver a content management system that allows SADC Banking Association to manager the publication of content to multiple public and private environments.

In addition, the user management and restrictions needed to be put in place keep functionality and information in silos.


We worked with the SADC Banking Association team to create a fully-responsive website. The multisite installation was used to allow a single login for separate sections of the website for easy publication and management of content. Users restrictions allow access to relevant content and functionality, while preventing users from accessing information that they don’t need.

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