No matter how good your ecommerce website is, if you don’t have a solid SEO strategy in place for it, then you simply won’t rank well on Google. That is why search engine optimisation has become so important for ecommerce websites. To get ahead, you need to implement the best SEO ecommerce strategies for your site to ensure that your online retail business thrives and continues to grow!

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It is important that you understand how Google works and what it considers when ranking webpages so as an ecommerce business owner or manager, there are many factors that you need to consider such as: - How much content should I have on my page? - What keywords should I be targeting? - Who is my primary audience? We have a range of ecommerce SEO services that will grow your shops online presence.

ecommerce Website SEO Strategy

Your ecommerce SEO strategy is the foundation of your business, without it your online efforts will be futile. To get ahead you need to implement the best SEO for your website to improve your organic search rankings and increase website traffic, brand awareness and conversions.

Keyword Research

An often-overlooked part of planning your ecommerce store is keyword research. Your website will need to rank well in search engines for products. We'll conduct keyword research on competitors, product categories, top selling items, seasonal trends etc., and use this as your starting point to create an effective SEO strategy.

Technical SEO for ecommerce Websites

Fixing technical SEO site issues is vital for shopping sites, as it can often be the main difference between you and a competitor. Technical SEO site issues are things like page speed, crawlability and indexing (aka Googlebot), mobile friendliness, duplicate content or canonicals.

On-Page SEO for ecommerce Websites

On-Page optimisations for ecommerce Websites is like regular SEO because it includes optimising your title tags, optimising your meta descriptions, internal linking, CTAs, writing quality content, and so on.

Link Building for ecommerce Sites

Links remain one of the top three ranking factors for Google and other search engines. Link building for ecommerce sites is an important part of any SEO strategy because links helps Google rank your site higher in the rankings and attract more visitors to drive more traffic to your store.

Content Marketing for ecommerce Sites

Having a blog to support your ecommerce website is a great way to engage with shoppers, keep up on trends and give back some value to your customers. Blogging can be an effective ecommerce marketing strategy by providing content that educates readers about the products they wish to purchase or covers topics relevant to their interests.

Local SEO for ecommerce Websites

Local SEO for an ecommerce website is used to help people find your site when they are searching for a business in their area. Local SEO is done through optimising the website with keywords and phrases that will rank well within local search results, increasing visibility to potential customers.

Mobile SEO for ecommerce Websites

Mobile traffic in South Africa is thriving, and it's important to have a mobile-friendly website. Mobile SEO for ecommerce is done by creating content that will rank well on search engines when viewed on mobile devices, as well as optimising the site structure to be fully responsive.

ecommerce SEO Analytics Data Reports​

A detailed monthly ecommerce report of all tasks completed and shopping and SEO metrics is delivered to you each month. You can then use this information to make improvements to your site or marketing strategy. Markup

Implementing Schema markup is used to help Google understand the contents of your site and get listed in the featured snippets. Implementing Schema markup may be useful for ecommerce sites that sell products with a lot of inventory, or have complicated product pages and/or descriptions.

Additional ecommerce Services

ecommerce SEO Consulting​

Ever isn’t your typical ecommerce SEO consultant. We have a wealth of experience in digital marketing, which means we can help you with any questions or issues that might arise.

ecommerce PPC

Is your ecommerce store missing out on potential profits because you don’t have an effective online marketing strategy? With a little help from our experts, we can get you back in the game. We will analyse your current SEO visibility and compile a custom PPC plan to increase traffic to your site. Reach your target audience and generate immediate, qualified leads for your growing business with Google shopping.

ecommerce Conversion Rate Optimisation

With increased competition from other e-commerce sellers, it’s crucial that your business has a strong online presence to capture potential customers. But you also need to convert traffic into customers. CRO is the art of making your site as user-friendly and conversion-optimised as possible.

ecommerce Web Design

Web design is an essential component of every ecommerce business. We design it in such a way that it can maximise conversion rates and generate the most revenue for your company. We will assess your current website, analysing what works and what doesn’t work so we know exactly how to create a website that converts visitors into customers.

Email Marketing Automation

We help you drive more sales and gain more repeat customers through ecommerce marketing automation. Our ecommerce marketing automation platform allows you to automate your email marketing campaigns with the flexibility and control needed for today’s fast-paced business world.

ecommerce SEO Packages

We offer everything from monthly packages where you get access to our social media marketing, website content management systems or even one-off consultation sessions if you want some advice on how best to tackle those tricky search engine algorithms and ranking parameters so feel free to contact us today with any queries or requests 🙂

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