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If you are looking to rank higher in search engines, then you should know that links are the biggest and most important ranking signal that Google and other search engines use to determine your relevance and influence on the web. A link building strategy is a must-have for any business or website owner who wants their site to be found more often by people searching online. The best way to build backlinks is with an expert link builder service company like Ever Digital Marketing. For example, they offer up-to-date SEO services such as blog commenting which will help improve your visibility on the internet so that people can find you when they’re ready to buy!

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Link Building Agency

Since 2012, thousands of agencies and companies have trusted our link building service. We're an expert link building company that offers custom and creative services to ultimately increase your website's SEO performance by building high-quality backlinks. We follow a time-tested, white-hat process for building the highest quality website backlinks for your business.

Link Building Strategies vs. Tactics

There are a lot of differences between different link building strategies and tactics.
Strategy = overall plan.
Tactic = the actual means used to gain an objective.
You need only one link building strategy: Create something “link-worthy.” This will be a familiar statement to anyone with knowledge of the world of SEO, but it’s true.

Want to Discuss Link Building Strategy?

Link Building Services

We offer a wide range of link building services for any budget. We'll provide you with the best option that will not only fit your needs but also help to improve your site's visibility.

Consider this: links are one of the most important ranking signals Google and other search engines use to determine relevance and influence on the web according to Moz. Because no two companies, industries, competitors or websites are alike—a one size fits all approach is nearly impossible when it comes pricing for link building services. Instead, a holistic assessment for pricing based on an in-depth analysis of existing content coupled with offsite backlinks as well as competitor intelligence can help webmasters and seasoned.

Link Building Outreach

Almost every good link building tactic revolves around outreach. A business can outreach in a number of ways: email outreach, social outreach, influencer outreach, and press outreach. This involves establishing a relationship with an individual or company that has links to offer and sending them content in return for those links. In many cases, this type of exchange will be based on mutual benefits so there's no need to worry about any hidden agendas!

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging–often referred to as guest posting or sponsored blogging–is a type of link building that involves authors creating content for other sites, and in return receiving a link from the site on which their post is published.

Broken Link Building

Broken link building is a strategy that involves finding damaged or dead web pages in your topic area and recreating the page content. You then reach out to marketers who have linked to the old information with a request for them to substitute it with an anchor text pointing to your new resource.

Unlinked Mentions

Unlinked mentions is a strategy in which you expand your reach by inserting links to your content into other people's blogs, articles and videos.

Link Reclamation

Slightly different than broken link building is the practice of link reclamation, where you fix or “reclaim” links that once pointed at your site, or point to your site but fail to provide any SEO value. There are many different types of link reclamation strategies.

Paid Promotion for “Linkable Assets”

Paid promotion for “linkable assets” is the quickest way to present your content in front of your target audience. Once you have content that is relevant, we'll promote it on networks like Facebook ads, Google Adwords, Pinterest Ads, etc. to get the best return on investment.

Need Link Building Services For Trust & Authority?

Link Building Campaign Process

We Handle The Outreach

We perform strict site screening, contacting only those that meet our requirements. This ensures that our customers get the very best links for their order.

We Write The Content

Our in-house team of writers will create content that includes information about your brand, can generate good traffic to your website and has the power to help grow awareness for you.

You Get Quality Links

You'll receive a complete list of all the links we build during your campaign. This makes it easy for you to review or share our work with your clients.

Frequently Asked Questions
About Our Link Building Services

Link building is when you find ways to put links to your website on other websites. The more of these links from other relevant, high-authority websites, the better it will be for your website. This helps to boost your exposure from both humans and search engines. This helps to get your website get seen by more people on the search engines.

Our link building services include a focus on:

  1. 1authority of the publisher(s),
  2. traffic of the publishers and
  3. niche relevance of the publishers.

Links are one of many signals used by search engine algorithms today. The best link building services take a holistic and balanced approach. We link building consulting for on and off-site links, and ensure your link profile and anchor text are natural.

From a statistical perspective, link building still ranks as a very important factor for authority in search engine algorithms. Quality links help to provide a vote of credibility and authority that other websites find your content assets valuable and link worthy. However, links are not the only thing that matters when it comes to SEO. Quality link building boosts SEO as a balanced measurement for organic online exposure and revenue growth.

There are many different ways to get more links. These strategies and tactics help you get them. Because there are so many, focus on the best link building strategies and tactics.

Building links to specific pages of your website is only a part of the equation for determining a page's rank. The number of links needed to succeed in organic SEO may be reflective several factors, such as how competitive your niche is, what your competitors are doing and the relevance in comparison.

We recommend contacting us to complete a more thorough SEO audit of your site's content and backlink strategy. This will help determine a recommended monthly budget and volume that will get you closer to ranking against your competitors.

We use tools to analyse the links on your site and compare them with those of your competitors—in this way, we can assess how they affect your site’s rankings. Contact one of our specialists to find out how we can help you build your website's online presence. As a full-time link builder, we would love to speak with you about your latest campaign.

Our high quality SEO strategy has led us to build a list of contacts that includes the influential bloggers, websites, publishers and writers. We identify relevant, authoritative sites in the same niche as your business with existing traffic to build backlinks.

We pitch them on article topics that would fit with their site and match your brand. A copywriter will then write an article from your input which you can review before sending it to publications. The natural, non-anchor-text-specific backlinks will point to the inner pages of your site. These inner pages will be relevant and provide value to the article.

There are many kinds of links which serve different purposes such as dofollow, nofollow, UGC, sponsored, etc. These hyperlink tags send different signals to search engines.

A dofollow link signals the crawlers to follow through to subsequent pages. A Nofollow link tag means that search engine crawlers should not follow to the linked-to page. Further, dofollow links pass page authority from one webpage to another.

We use more than two dozen metrics to evaluate the quality of our publishers and eliminate those who may not meet our high standards.

We avoid sites that are part of a private blog network, low traffic sites and blatant "write for us" solicitations.

We also work with you to ensure your link profile is as natural and non-spammy as possible. By excluding too many exact match anchors it helps prevent your site from getting manually reviewed or if an algorithm decides to update.

We can work with nearly any link building budget to build from one to hundreds of unique links each month. But, because you can doesn't mean you should. We can offer you a free consultation on the best link building service for your needs.

We have a minimum budget requirement of R3000 for new clients. For clients who need higher volumes, we offer link building services on the upper end of the price spectrum. A link building service is not an inexpensive investment, but we have been able to work with budgets that reach up to R50000 per month. Our team knows how to build links at scale.

But what level of links your site needs depends on its age, the number and quality of external links to it, and other factors.

We help rank your website in search engine results by building new links for you. The total number of links required to rank in Google or any other search engine will vary depending on the existing strength of your website, what you intend to target, and who the link is coming from.

Link building is crucial for any kind of website, but it will be different for every website or page you want to rank. In addition, not all links are created equal, so focusing on the total number of acquired backlinks may be misleading if you don't consider quality.

For example, a link from the Sunday Times will carry much more weight than one coming from some obscure blogger that offers paid post inclusion. To get a better sense of what your site needs, we offer free keyword research audit.

As previously discussed, link building remains a correlated factor with website ranking in Google. As such, link building services are still an important aspect of improving website rankings in the search engines. When it comes to SEO, link building is very much alive and well.

Using expired domains with existing links is a black hat strategy and one which we work to avoid by proper filtering. However, expired and/or existing domains can be a better way to fast track the results of your search engine optimisation. It really depends on your strategy, but caution is advised when it comes to looking to rank by building links from expired domains that have been redesigned with that purpose in mind.

Yes, but remember social media sites--while good for traffic and eyeballs--typically only offer Nofollow links.Consequently, the search engine authority and ranking increases that you may be seeking from building links through social media will not be present. Don't expect to improve your SEO by just building links on social media.

Link directories are notorious for being spammy, and Google knows that. We advise avoiding using direct submissions in your link building strategy whenever possible. While many directories can be worth the time and money, often they are not of any help.

Yes, we can help obtain locally-relevant links to boost your rankings and target a geographic audience. The best local search engine optimisation services will require the best available links in your target area.

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