In the digital age, almost all businesses dabble in internet marketing. It is the most affordable way for companies to reach their target market with the potential to access millions of customers.

But What Is Internet Marketing?

Internet/digital/online marketing can be defined as promoting a brand, products or services online. Broadly, digital marketing includes any promotional or sales activities conducted via wireless media on computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

Online marketing combines the technical and creative aspects of the internet to target and engage customers throughout the various stages of the customer engagement cycle.

Internet marketing used in conjunction with traditional advertising methods such as radio, television, newspapers and magazines creates maximum impact. Through our partnership with Pangea Ultima, we are able to offer a complete through-the-line service that aligns digital and offline aspects of marketing and advertising.

Internet Marketing Services

Our digital marketing services are driven by an in-depth understanding marketing objectives and users engagement, backed by over 10 years of digital experience. Our online marketing services can be broken down into 6 broad categories, with a number of specialised areas.

Search Marketing

Search Engine Optimisation:

Our industry leading SEO services use unpaid, natural process of promoting content organically on search engine result pages (SERPs) that go beyond trends. We provide companies with comprehensive online marketing strategies are part of an ongoing campaign or as a consulting service that helps support your existing SEO initiatives. This internet marketing service can be broken down into website audit & analysis, technical optimisation, local and mobile marketing, algorithm penalties & reconsideration and analytics data reporting.

Search Engine Marketing:

This type of internet marketing promotes companies through paid advertisements that appear on SERPs or on affiliate websites. Our online marketing services include paid placement, contextual advertising and paid inclusions. Also known as sponsored listings, our paid inclusion products include text and banner display advertising on google and other search engines.

Digital Branding:

Digital branding utilises online channels and assets to communicate a brand’s position or purpose as part of a multichannel brand communication or engagement programme. This internet marketing service involves social media marketing and management on top social networks to communicate with potential customers while promoting your company using a unique brand voice.  In addition, we manage your company’s brand online reputation, reclaiming branded search results, reaffirming user trust and restoring your good name.


Part of a modern digital engagement strategy is providing internet users with relevant, interesting and fresh content. We create web pages, articles and social media content to complement and maximise campaign activity.  We also create and promote digital assets to gain exposure on social media to boost authority and preserve your online brand voice.


There are millions of websites on the internet. To stand out from the crowd your company needs online marketing services that meet business objectives but more importantly a website design that is visually stunning and user-friendly. Our responsive website development will make sure that your website is built on the principles of search, works flawlessly across all devices, and is clear and usable. Mobile apps also represent a massive opportunity for businesses to target customers on mobile devices.


As digital consultants, we lead your company’s online strategy so that your team can execute. Effective digital marketing services need to be built on comprehensive online asset audits and data analysis. We can help your company identify opportunities and formulate strategies with in-depth, actionable recommendations as part of a managed campaign or as a consulting service.

User Experience:

Good usability and user experience is an important aspect of ranking high in SERPs, captivating visitors and turning them into customers. We understand how users interact online and can analyse their behaviour to increase your internet traffic. Furthermore in-depth analysis of the user journey can identify patterns used in conversion optimisation.

Why is Internet Marketing Important?

It’s simple really, the Internet has the power to connect millions of people from around the world to company brands products and services. Internet marketing is the most cost-effective way to reach your customers and costs can be scaled to budget. In addition, analytics and cost-volume-profit analysis make it easy to measure the effectiveness of your campaign.

Not Sold Yet?

According to PwC research, 27% of customers shop online weekly. The same research indicates that 36% of customers increased the frequency of purchases because of brand interactions on social media. While AdWeek consumer research indicates 81% of customers research products and services online before they buy. Those are big numbers, and while consumers might not buy online, if you don’t have an internet presence your competitors will be taking your slice of the digital pie.

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