Why Chatbots Are the Answer to An “Instant Gratification” Society

Why Chatbots Are the Answer to An “Instant Gratification” Society

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    In the first years after their emergence, chatbots were a great add-on without a definite advantage. But today, they are a necessary instrument for the enterprise environment. Needless to add, companies are well aware that implementing a chatbot is time-consuming and needs notable investments. 

    However, the development of chatbots is based on several factors. This blog post will focus on the most important advantages that chatbots bring for businesses and their customers alike

    The Advantages that Chatbots Bring to Your Business And Customers

    Having a better understanding of this tool, you can determine if a chatbot is a profitable investment for your business.

    Giving your business a face

    Chatbots will introduce your business to your prospects with a human-like touch, providing your company with a face. For many customers, a chatbot is the first interaction with your brand, making it more personal than a discussion over mail or by phone.

    The unique personality of a chatbot can influence the overall user experience. It can become a key factor in consumers’ perception of the first touchpoint with your brand.

    Immediate Availability

    Compared to conventional customer service, a chatbot is readily available 24/7, assisting your clients, even outside working hours. A higher number of requests does not affect its productivity, as a chatbot can address them simultaneously without becoming overburdened.

    However, if there is an issue that your chatbot is unable to solve, the message can be forwarded to a staff member. On weekends or late at night, a note can be redirected for customer service to contact the customer in the next business day.

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    Increased Sales

    When it comes to sales, it's all about the right information at the right time. If you manage to reach out to prospects with valuable detail regarding your product or service, your chances of closing a sale will increase.

    Enter the chatbot, the tool will support you in this endeavour. For instance, a chatbot can assist in a proactive manner on your website and guide the customer across the business website or online shop. It can also make recommendations and assist the visitor by advising them to choose the right product or to highlight relevant offers, meeting their needs.

    The Foundation for Conversational Marketing Strategy

    The communication with your customers should be on equal terms rather than convincing them to fill out contact forms before you could address their queries. This is where chatbots come in handy and initiate a discussion with prospects landing on your page. A chatbot's approach is to solve problems independently rather than respect a fixed track, which is mainly a lead funnel stuffed with marketing resources.

    If you want to develop your conversational marketing strategy, you can always try a voice bot, which is based on a bot. The concept of dialogue-based marketing the next step in giving the chatbot a human touch. If personality was the first step, the next one is the voice. You just need to take the communication from the business website and transfer it to the voice assistant. By following this tactic, initial touchpoints become similar to everyday interactions and discussions.

    Statista concluded that the adoption rate of smart speakers will rise by 30% each year from 2017 to 2022, reaching $33 million.

    This a great opportunity for the companies to leverage, since, according to stats, around two billion voice requests are filled each week.


    Insights about your customer's behaviour

    Chatbots bring another practical benefit to any business, and that is valuable insights into customer behaviour. You can gather relevant data for your business and marketing strategy when analyzing the questions, issues, and popular products brought up in previous chatbot communications.

    For instance, you will be able to improve your content strategy since you have a better understanding of the pain points of your customers from their discussions with the bot. This leads to producing valuable content with high relevance for your customers.

    Customer behaviour insights are beneficial to the product portfolio. You will identify the most mentioned products to give them a more prominent position on your website. There is also the possibility that your users start to ask about products that you do not have yet. In this case, you can include the products in your portfolio.

    Practical Internal Applications

    Chatbots can be applied to several departments in a business and cannot be reduced to just one industry or singular use cases.

    The most common uses of chatbots are in:

    Customer Service: To provide answers to FAQs and support
    Marketing: To generate leads, provide product consultancy, gather data, improve engagement
    Sales: To qualify leads and provide support throughout the sales funnel
    IT Service Helpdesk: To assist internal or external service desk applications
    Human Resources: To facilitate workforce development or onboarding

    We focused on two examples to demonstrate the capabilities of bots in two departments.

    How Chatbots Can Improve the Human Resources Operations

    Have you ever considered implementing a chatbot to assist your HR team? For instance, a bot can respond to applicants’ queries about job openings, the application process, or a scheduled interview.

    Also, a chatbot can be applied for staff training. Bots provide more interactive training content than traditional training programs. Meanwhile, every employee has their own learning pace. The same goes for the onboarding process. Newcomers can also benefit from a chatbot in their training sessions or get assistance when needed.

    How Chatbots Complement the Intranet

    Chatbots are not just a great addition to the HR department, as they can also improve internal communication. For example, your chatbot can assist your teams in searching through internal information, deliver push messages such as internal news, or assist with office tasks.

    At first sight, what seems to be tasks of an intranet is rather a complement to the intranet, since communication channels have this notable distinction: the communication procedure employed.

    In internal communications, employees are required to constantly search for information. Besides the feature of content searching, a chatbot can deliver content to employees.

    Practical Internal Applications

    Applicability in Numerous Industries. Besides the variety of potential applicability inside a company, chatbots are implemented in various industries.

    Chatbots can be successfully used in several sectors:

    Energy: To answer customer queries about registration, deregistration, and change of registration as well as issues regarding invoices or fees. To provide meter reading.
    Tourism: To answer questions about bookings. To provide further route information or the current forecast.
    Finance: To answer questions about online banking. To provide information about card loss, account openings, and other banking services.
    Education: To clarify questions about the student ID cards
    Real estate: To answers regarding housing and schedule consultation appointments.
    E-Commerce: To provide information about products

    Do you want to leverage the huge potential that chatbots present?

    If you want to benefit from the advantages that chatbots bring to a business, we are here to help you develop and apply your bot. Contact us today and make your company distinguish itself in this competitive market.

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