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Why Display Advertising Is Important for Your Brand

Why Display Advertising Is Important for Your Brand

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    In recent years, advertising has become more and more digital. Because of the diversity, not everyone is familiar with the various forms of digital ads. Google Ads have formats such as Search Ads, Video Ads and Google Display Network to find the perfect fit for your business needs. When attempting to convince an online audience to click on them, each has a different intent.

    Display advertising is typically image-based, highlighting your brand, products or services on a much larger scale through a variety of websites visited by your consumers. Have you ever noticed the ads that show up as you browse a website, usually displayed as a small box or banner? That right there is display adverts.

    In 2021, display ads will be one of the most common forms of advertising, and we’re going to tell you why.

    Display Advertising Gives Your Brand A Visual Identity

    People are visual creatures. Most of us process information based on what we see. Most people can recall a brand more easily when it is associated with a logo or a product picture rather than reading about it.

    You can use display ads to increase brand awareness on a massive scale. Google claims to have over 2 million websites in its Display Network, so regardless of how niche your goods or audience are, Display Ads are likely to reach anyone who fits your demographic. Your business could become more noticeable if prospects could recognise your brand's identity using visual techniques. Particularly if the brand's logo or colours are memorable. Buyers would quickly link those visual elements to your enterprise.

    Display Advertising Enhances Your Retargeting Efforts

    Retargeting allows you to re-engage consumers who have previously purchased services or goods from you, giving them a sense of value within your business. Retargeting current customers with Display Ads is also a smart way to show off the projects your company is working on or any changes you want to promote.

    Retargeting website visitors who are not customers with display ads is still useful to re-engage those that abandoned their cart or showed conversion intent. With the use of Display Ads, you can advertise the same item they considered purchasing to encouraging them to make a purchase.

    Google Display Advertising

    Display Adverts Appear on Popular Websites

    You must find where your target group spends their time. Facebook, Gumtree, and YouTube are just some of the many platforms where you can promote your business using Display Ads. These are all well-known websites with enormous user communities, so you will have plenty of opportunities to reach out to prospects and convert them.

    Each website collects cookies from users' data, which allows them to determine whether they are a suitable match for your ad. The display ads are shown to them on a different page that they visit.

    Keep in mind that display marketing is a pay-per-click system. The aim is to pay for clicks that hold great value and have real conversion potential. When prospects that match particular criteria setup in the campaign targeting visit popular websites, they will see your display ads.

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    Display Ads Ensure Accurate Tracking and Measuring

    These types of ads are easy to track. The easy setup and robust Display Ad reporting makes it easier even for beginners. However, to get the most out of your display campaign you need an expert to manage your account.

    Display advertising enables you to see the number of ad views, how many people have clicked on them, and the number of conversions when a user clicked on your ad that lead to a purchase.

    Conversions don't have to be sales. They can be everything from file downloads to lead generation forms and phone calls. You have the option of integrating your Ads account with Google Analytics or view your results directly on your ad platform.
    Integrating these with Google Analytics will provide you with plenty of additional data. However, it causes a more complicated setup, so consider how valuable the extra knowledge might be to maximise consumer potential. As a Digital agency, we always set up your Google Ads and analytics according to best practices so you get the best data to make informed decisions.

    Constantly monitoring your campaign’s performance is beneficial to your brand because you can see which demographic is generating those crucial conversions that will lead to business growth. It helps marketers to learn more about whether the people they're trying to attract are the right audience and if they are finding what they're looking for.

    Alternatively, you may have noticed that different age groups, genders, or income levels convert at higher rates than you thought, prompting a shift in your target market. Businesses don't always get their target audience right, or the market shifts and the goods become appealing to a new set of customers.

    Display Advertising Is Cost-Effective

    Display Ads, unlike traditional forms of advertising, use a Pay Per Click model. This can be more cost effective for a company in the long run because they tailor the ads to attract the right people within the target market.

    Google algorithms analyse the website's reputation, importance, and optimisation - if the landing page has a low bounce rate, high conversion rate and load speed optimal.

    Different social media platforms have different advertising options, but most of them use the Pay Per Click model. Sites like Instagram have an ad system where you can set a budget and the maximum price you're willing to pay for ad clicks or if a user engages with your ads particularly. Specific targeting criteria are available in social media ads to ensure that the message reaches the right audience.

    Display Ads have a lot of advantages for a small business that are trying to develop their brand. Display ads are much cheaper than search ads, and require less maintenance once you have your ads and audiences. Google can automate the entire operation, so you won't have to do anything, but for best results you should hire an agency that uses a combination of Google’s machine learning and manual tweaks.

    When placing an ad for display advertising, Google is usually your best friend. Their algorithms will locate relevant people for you and then put advertisements on pages where they will be exposed to them. The easiest way to fit them into your brand is to use their behaviour.

    Bottom Line

    This is a lot of information, especially if you're evaluating the right advertising strategy for your business. Pay Per Click advertising isn't easy to master; if it were, everybody would do it for themselves and reap the benefits right away.

    Do you need any assistance? Or are you simply looking for some guidance? Do you find yourself pressed for time?

    Don't worry, we'll gladly assist you.

    See How our Agency Can Drive Traffic to Your Website

    Paid Media - effective paid strategies with clear ROI.
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