Why Is SEO Important for Every Business? | Grow & Achieve Success

Why Is SEO Important for Every Business? | Grow & Achieve Success

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You have a website, don’t you? And most probably you are already creating and sharing valuable content (if not, you should definitely do it ✔️). So why not make the most out of it? It’s time to enjoy the many benefits of SEO marketing.

Think about SEO like a relationship: sometimes it makes you happy, sometimes it’s frustrating, and once in a while you just don’t get it, but you stay together because you make an awesome team.

When it comes to SEO, Google is like: “I know and see everything”. Did you know that 3.5 billion Google searches are made every day? People literally search for everything online, even for something like: Why isn’t 11 pronounced “onety-one”? 🤔 So don’t worry, no matter what industry you are in, people will inevitably, at some point, search for your business online.

However, despite this huge number of searches, you also need to be aware that only a bunch of them are visible. Maybe you’ve heard this saying before – you know someone is desperate for an answer when he/she looks at the second page of Google. 🤭

Some people still think that SEO is some sort of hocus-pocus, but those who do it well will be where every business wants to be – on the first page of Google.

So Why Is SEO Important?

Basically, SEO helps your website to rank better. This way people can find you easier and faster. Not to mention that with the help of SEO, a business can experience an increase in traffic and conversions, brand awareness, better visibility and credibility, and the list can go on. 

SEO helps your website to rank better

Search Engine Optimisation will not let you down – there will be some challenges, yes, but with the right tools and methods, you will surely enjoy the outcomes it brings.

Below I’ve outlined the most important reasons why SEO optimisation is a must in order to grow a brand, regardless of your business type or size. 👇

It Boosts Trust, Authority and Credibility

In digital marketing, credibility, authority and trust are vital. Websites that rank higher in the search results show customers that they are the best in their industry. And by ranking high, you will build your brand credibility and get your potential customers’ trust. In their mind, if Google says that a specific website is credible, customers will believe it. Why? Because they trust Google. That simple.

Just think about this scenario: your pipe broke. Now what? Most probably you’re in a hurry and stressed. The first thing you’ll do is search online for a good plumber near your house, and you will most likely call the plumber that pops up on the first page of Google. Right?

Oh well, the same goes with customers when they are searching for your business online. The reason for that is because they may have a need that your services or products can satisfy. Therefore it’s not enough for you to have great services/products, it’s also essential to make sure you are easy to be found online.

On another note, while consumers may not realise it, high rankings make a business trustworthy. So if you earn credibility and trust, your website will also gain authority. Obviously, it will not happen overnight, this process takes patience, effort, and a good amount of time, but it is so worth it.

SEO Increases Visibility and Brand Awareness

SEO Marketing has the power to get people to remember your brand. When potential customers start recognising your name, logo, colours, fonts and you also manage to create a good reputation, then you can consider yourself on the right track when it comes to creating a strong brand.

Your website will attract more visitors, and even if they are not yet ready to buy from you, they will be aware of what you can offer. This is a crucial step in the marketing funnel.

Another way you can raise brand awareness is by having a constant and robust presence in social media.

Now, we do realise that all this can be time-consuming and takes up a lot of effort, however, if you don’t want to worry about all this stuff or maybe you simply don’t have enough time to deal with everything, a digital marketing agency might be a good fit for you.

SEO Brings More Traffic and Conversions

If you are climbing up the rankings ladder, you will be surprised how much traffic you can receive when you do things the right way. And as more and more people are getting familiar with your website, you will also have more chances to convert. 

Keywords are essential when it comes to traffic and conversions, but it’s very important to avoid keyword stuffing and to include them naturally in your writing. Do you know that friend that tells the same story over and over again every time he has the opportunity? Nobody listens to him anymore. At some point, he just becomes that annoying friend nobody wants to hang out with any longer. The same thing happens with keywords, Google will see them as spam. And you don’t want that.

The good news is that you can truly achieve amazing results, especially if you are aware of the SEO best practices and you work accordingly. Also, with the growth of mobile searches, local SEO marketing needs to become part of your strategy. Local SEO means focusing on a specific surrounding area, so potential customers can find your business quick & easy.

SEO Improves User Experience

User experience is a key point to your business success. Google’s goal is to give the best results for its users when they search for something, so it knows how to recognise a great user experience.

In this dynamic and fast-forward world, consumers want to find what they are looking for in a matter of seconds. They need a simple, positive user experience. And you need to provide this experience to them.

You might need a little professional help with the optimisation of your website, but you’ll see that on long-term sales will grow. There are so many things you can do to improve your website: make it mobile-friendly, easy to read and navigate, create relevant and high-quality content, eliminate redundancies, optimise your images, improve the website speed, etc.

Bottom line, SEO marketing is what makes the difference between insignificance and success. It’s a valuable tool that should be used by any company and if it’s done properly, it can skyrocket you to the first page of Google.

So if you’re looking for a broad spectrum of SEO services that will get you top organic ranking in the search engines, I can set you up with one of our specialists and get things started.

Let’s make awesome things, together.

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